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Use the links below to select exercises that will help trainees explore different aspects of narrative-based training.


Story reading/collecting

Exercise 0.1

Personal stories and professional reflection

Exercise 0.2

Exploring your own personal/ professional story

Exercise 0.3

Collecting a patient/citizen story


Mindset orientation and reflection

Exercise 1.1

Exploring your own mindset and attitudes towards ageing

Exercise 1.2

Professional ? Patient roleplay

Exercise 1.3

How can stories help us reflect on mindset?


Content based story interpretation

Exercise 2.1

The key aspects of a narrative

Exercise 2.2

Drawing out the core story

Exercise 2.3

The emotional shape of stories


Structure based story interpretation

Exercise 3.1

The Plots and Metaphors in Complementary Stories

Exercise 3.2

Images and story

Exercise 3.3

Tension and contradiction in stories


Integrated story interpretation

Exercise 4.1

The agents and organisations in a story

Exercise 4.2

Contradiction and conflict in the care process

Exercise 4.3

Searching for themes and agents within a story


Practice based skills

Exercise 5.1

Return to Mind-set

Exercise 5.2

Stories that change mindsets

Exercise 5.3

Searching ethical themes and actors within a narrative