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What's CCentre

Once upon a time there was this unlikely group of people. There were philosophers, an anthropologist, a marketing researcher, an educational researcher, a senior strategy manager at an insurance company, a professor of civil law, health researchers and senior association representatives.

They got together because they all felt the same: current health care was struggling with really putting the citizen at the heart of professional healthcare practice. Driven by their commitment to help health care professionals go beyond system limitations and put citizens at the center, they started on their journey to train professionals by using the words of seniors in different European countries.

Soon they realized that their journey would be endless, as they would not be able to train all professionals worldwide. They needed others to spread the word. They needed to involve those dedicated trainers that shared this aim: helping care professionals to go back to why they came into healthcare in the first place. The story needed a sequel written by others.

On our educational platform caringstories.eu you will find ways to make this story yours. Trainers will find their own exercises, can generate their own trainings and find the words and real stories told by patients themselves. These materials enable them to spread the word and help health care professionals to go back and understand patients again. We invite you to make the stories of patients the stories we care for

Project Partners

The project "Towards active aging and citizen-centred well-being" has as its main objective to bring the accumulated knowledge and the advances made in educational and research projects by the University into the specific area of elderly car in Barcelona these recent years. All of this from a knowledge based on evidence, a multidisciplinary perspective and pedagogical innovation that allows reaching all the agents involved in the care of the elderly.

Universitat de Barcelona

Evidence-based knowledge on the field of healthy ageing, expertise on cascade training methodology, wide network of stakeholders, scientific dissemination and public engagement strategies.

NewsCastle University

Public and patient engagement at scale including the use of the VOICE North e-platform, links to relevant UK innovation agents and exemplars including 5 North of England EIP AHA Reference Sites, 4 North of England Academic Health Science Networks and the National Innovation Centre for Ageing.

Leyden Academy

Knowledge center that aims to improve the quality of life of seniors. It is known for its holistic view on aging and for emphasizing citizens' perspectives. It is currently collecting narratives to develop quality indicators in health care in the Netherlands, incl. the use of a quanfied approach.

Zilveren Kruis

One of the largest insurance companies in the Netherlands. Extensive research on the profiles and wishes of their seniors insured.

Erasmus University Rotterdam

At the interface of marketing, healthcare and new product development. Content-specific focus on integrating consumers in the value chain, marketing strategy development and understanding of consumers' needs.

University of Copenhagen

One of the largest institutions of research and education in the Nordic countries with very high ranks in the international comparisons. The biggest department for public health in Denmark and the cross faculty Center for Healthy Ageing (CEHA) and Center for Health Economics and Policy (CHEP).


Informal training and digital workshops for seniors. Work with senior cizens, testing innovative solutions and helping to adapt the digital tools.

University of Durham

Evidence-based knowledge on the field of healthy ageing, expertise on cascade training methodology, wide network of stakeholders, scientific dissemination and public engagement strategies.

Consorzio ARCA

An incubator for business initiatives within the University of Palermo.