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Two-stage personalisation approach

The training is designed in such a way that a trainee can start at module 0, with no expectation of prior knowledge and work through the spiral learning framework as one module follows on from another, building on the learning in each. However, we also understand time pressures and that it may not be possible to complete all six modules. Also trainees may want to spend more or less time on a module, which is possible by adding additional exercises to the foundation one(s).

We have therefore created a two-step personalisation process. At step 1, there is a choice of modules that make up a set number of different training combinations. The training combinations that are available ensure that modules taken still follow a sequence that develops learning according to the spiral learning framework. At step 2 there is then a choice of exercises within each module. Some exercises are foundational in each module, so at least one of these has to be taken and then additional exercises can be added to increase variation and/or challenge.

Choose your modules

Our learning model is based on the principles of narrative-based learning, transformative learning and expansive learning. This will take participants from categorical to cognizant thinking through a shift in mindset. A core aspect of the narrative learning pedagogy is to move the learner from categorical thinking, which characterizes routine performance and working under pressure, so being more resistant to change, to cognizant, reflective thinking, which is meta-cognitive, increases the potential for cognitive responsiveness and flexibility.

The modules follow a spiral learning model, so they build on each other in order to optimize the learning. Completing all six modules successively is therefore recommended as they are designed to meet all the overall learning outcomes. However, there are also options to take fewer modules, but still within the spiral learning model, to meet more specific learning outcomes.

Choose your exercises

There is a choice of eight exercises per module, which provide all the resources that trainers/trainees need, offering variety with respect to the following:

LevelTwo exercises in each module are foundational, one of which must be taken, with the others offering additional challenge and/or variety
DurationShort (30 minutes approx.), medium (1 - 1 and a half hours), gap based/open in which trainees need to go away and do something before returning to complete the module at another session
StoryProvided with the exercise / or open and the story is then collected by the trainees or provided by the trainer to complete the module at another session.
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